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Ivy Cosplay

Ivy Cosplay, originally from Puerto Rico and currently, a resident of Florida, began cosplaying in 2010. Her first cosplay was of Lara Croft in a photoshoot directed by her husband Michael of MC Illusion Photography, who she assists in his work.

Ivy’s first public appearance in cosplay was during Star Wars Celebration VI where she appeared as Princess Leia during the convention, sparking her love for the cosplaying community thanks to their acceptance of her.

She has appeared in various magazine photoshoots for COSPLAYology, Cosplayzine, as well as Surreal Beauty Magazine and has appeared on the cover of Vengeance of Vampirella.

As part of her ongoing cosplaying, she has been a guest at a number of conventions including Comix Megazone in Puerto Rico, Geekfest Florida and CONjure.

Ivy has cosplayed more than 100 characters from various movies and comic books as well as a number of original characters. Her favorite cosplays are of Catwoman, Wonder Woman, and Lara Croft.

At the end of 2020, Ivy was asked to become the official model of Bianca Bordeaux from the independent comic book series known as Vampire Bloodlines. She is on the cover of issue 2 and 5. She continues to be on many other covers for independent comics.

Ivy creates her own unique costume designs, making them herself by hand, costume design being a passion. Her future goals include becoming a professional costume designer.

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Dana Miersch

Dana was born in NJ and moved to Florida. She works for Walmart full time and volunteers with Law Enforcement. On her spare time, she is a Zumba Fitness Instructor, which she loves to dance and share her passion in dance. She is also a model.

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Liz Miersch

Born in New Jersey in 1991 and currently living in Orlando, Liz is an aspiring graduate of the Lisa Maile school looking to make it big in the modeling world. A vibrant personality and attention grabbing smile mix with her passion for beauty, glamour, and her love of the camera to reveal the outstandingly talented model she is. When not modeling, she volunteers her time at the local Pet Rescue by Judy, making an impact on hundreds of abused animals with unconditional love, foster care, and desire to find them homes.

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