Happy Birthday Tera


Today is my beloved sister, Tera S’s birthday and I must say that she means a lot to me. Not only has she helped me build this wonderful world into more that I could have ever thought possible, but she has taken me into her family and shown me nothing but love. While she will say that I never have to do anything for her, I still do it for her out of love. After all, even through all the pitchforking, or in my case, the pillow smacks, I still always look to make her do this.


These past couple of years have been trying times for everyone. You have a pandemic going on that is making people sick, you have politics tearing apart families, even to something I think is stupid like taking sides on which in a drama is in the right. That doesn’t matter to me as I know that my sister, the queen of the realm, Tera, has been worried. The family is hurting and the prayers being put out for healing are being put out there. Still, I know that I must do more.

Ever since we met, I have been doing birthday presents for my beloved sister and she has always seemingly known what I am doing. Even now in these trying times, I suspect that she knows that I have something going on for her. 

Her suspicions are right but only to an extent. While I am doing what I have traditionally done for her, I wanted to do something that would be welcomed and maybe bring some ray of light on this stormy day. 

While I have her gift in hand, I make my way out of the cabin by the lake I live by, in the realm. I’m traveling by foot to the cabin where my beloved sister is staying as that is how I always travel. My partner, the tail that has become part of me, remains quiet as we make our way to her place. We both know what is going on and what I am determined to get today. Even if I have to hold my sister upside down to get it.

The realm was indeed raining with storm clouds bringing in thunder and lightning. I am holding her gift under my coat so that the wrapping paper doesn’t get wrecked and give away what I had done for her. It would be a long walk to where I need to go and I was sure going to be soaked to the bone and maybe witnessing Tera pull out the ‘Pillow of Doom’ she has custom made for situations like these.

It took some time but when I got to the home of Tera and Keith, I was greeted with the sight of my brother first. He offered out to me his hand but I would have none of it. I pulled him into a hug and I could feel his conflicted emotions. So much has happened to them and it continues to happen. Keith, forever a man of confidence, is ever assuring that everything is going to be okay. Still I can feel those emotions coming from him.

Even through all of that, just that embrace, the hug of a brother, he smiled, and welcomed me into the cabin to see the birthday girl.

I walked into the cabin to see a sister that I love, full of worry just like that of her eternal. I couldn’t blame her as I know what is going on and I feel for her. Even the tail feels what I am and we are both always there for her. 

My beloved sister is sitting on the couch looking at something, I couldn’t tell what. I wasn’t going to ask either. If it was something that could bring out her emotions in a way that wasn’t good, I didn’t want to do that to her. I want to bring something good right now. I wanted to shine a ray of positivity on her.

I didn’t need to say anything as my beloved sister looked up at me and she gave a smile. That wonderful glorious smile that only she can give and then she saw the gift that was wrapped up in my coat…as well as me being soak and wet.

“You know, I should smack you for this.” she said to me.

“For what? Walking in the rain and getting you a gift?” I said as I handed her the birthday gift I got for her.

Tera took the gift into her hands and smiled at me. I smiled back knowingly as she never expects anything like this to happen and she always makes it a point to tell me so. I stubbornly tell her that I know and that still wasn’t going to stop me from doing something nice for my family. 

She took the time to open my gift and saw the frame. Inside of it was a piece of art that I had a friend of ours, one we both admire, respect, and love. It brought a smile onto her face and it was the best thing I could ever see. Before she could say anything, I reached out for her wrist, pulled her up out of the couch she was sitting in, and into my arms.

I gave my beloved sister the biggest hug I could offer that held all of the love I could have for her and that moment, she gave her best smile and rested her head upon my chest. 

It was then she told me two words. “Thank you.”

“We are family, my beloved sister. We will always go out of our way and beyond for those whom we love. You know this better than anyone.”

“I know but still.”

I took a bold step. I put my finger upon her lips and shook my head. It made Tera’s smile become more bemused.

“I can’t ask for anything more than my big bear being here with me to help protect me and make me smile.”

“I try.”

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