Issue Four

Hey there everyone. Its been a long time since I have updated this site. Allow me to show you the covers for the next issue. The normal cover is up top and moving down, the cosplay cover features Vampirephilia, next is the Keith Garvey Cover, finally there is the Ellioth Garcia cover.

New Covers

It has been a while since I have made an update but I have been very busy. So allow me to show you some of the covers that are for Issue 2 and 3 that were made.

This is a limited edition cover that was done by Pema Mendez.

This cover was done by Lance Footer.

Now onto issue 3 covers.

This is the main cover.

This is a cover done by Jennifer L Leonard (drawing) and Omero Nunez (colors).

Finally the cover that was done by Keith Garvey.

New Variant Cover

A few days ago, I was contacted by an artist who is a friend of Ivy Cosplay, one of the cosplay models you have seen as a cover. Well, the artist I was contacted by is Lance Footer. He has working on covers for Marvel and DC and he made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. Enjoy the first cover that this artist has done. Please check out his Twitter pageĀ  here and his Facebook page here This will be a limited print and will be a part of the second kickstarter as a bundle.

Cosplay Covers

Allow me to show off the two cosplay covers done by Rizzyun and Ivy Cosplay respectively.

Vampire Bloodlines #1

It has begun

I have just gotten the first page. Check it out in the Vampire Bloodlines tab

Upcoming Chapters and Stories

Because of things that were happening on Deviant Art, it is making me rush on getting this page up and running. I am hoping to have this going more by September. But until then, please enjoy this,

It is an image that was made by Redg on DA. Here is a link to his page.