Hey there everyone,

Wow it has been so long since I have updated this site. This is where my beloved sister says “It is about time.” and smacks me with a pillow. LOL. (BTW Love you SisTera.)

I want to let everyone know that I have updated the site with a couple of new things. One, I updated and added to the Eternal Beat section to show of a little bit more to that book. Second, the Vampire Bloodlines section now has the looks for Issue 6. There is one cover missing on that so be aware. Because of me missing one cover, the kickstarter for issue 6 isn’t going to be until September.

Another website update. I am putting in a new section in where I will have the Cosplay Model section. There you will see the cosplay models that have done covers and it will talk a little bit about them. I am hoping to get it up and running sometime this weekend.

I think that is about it for updates that I can think of. Have a great night.

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