The Year 2024


Hey there everyone,

With the new year starting, I want to let everyone know what to expect this year. First off, I am looking at for sure two conventions to be going at and both are in Fargo ND. I am also looking into another convention somewhere else. Minnesota might not be possible but I am looking into South Dakota too.

Secondly, I am expecting to get another couple of comics published. Vampire Bloodlines issue 7 and 8 are for sure on tap to be made this year but I am also looking at other artists to work on side projects to get other comics made and out to you.

Third, with there being a lot of good responses to Eternal Beat, I am looking at giving Jazmine her own story and series. I have a little bit of an idea that I will be doing but I need to flush this out with my editor and beloved sister, Tera.

Fourth, I really need to be working on doing updates to this website more so my goal this year is to at least do one monthly post. Maybe I am not the only one you will hear from too. I will ask Tera if she might be able to say some upcoming words about work that is going on as well as Avi, the main artist I am having to make the comic book pages after I write the scripts. It would be up to them if they would like to do so.

Thank you all for being there for me in this incredible adventure. I hope to get up a team page that will talk about the main team members here very soon. I do hope you enjoy my photo. It was taken by MC Illusion Photography.

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